Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Made up a pasta dish!

Lemon Artichoke Pasta

(Yum yum I love pasta!)


Bow tie pasta
Pieces of chicken (I used the frozen thighs from Trader Joe's)
Mixed veggies (I used organic mixed veggies from Trader Joe's)
Herbs (Zaatar from World Market)
Sea salt
Red pepper flakes
Artichoke hearts
2 lemons
Olive oil

Cut the chicken in little pieces and saute in a cast iron pan with olive oil. Boil the water for pasta.

Season chicken with sea salt, herbs and just a few red pepper flakes. Cook the pasta.

Use a lemon zester all over one of the lemons to get little strips of lemon zest. Cut up the lemons. (I just used one because the lemons from my tree are huge.)

Lightly cook the veggies in the microwave, not all the way though. Cut up the artichoke hearts into 4ths and add to meat.

Squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemon pieces. Use a little spatula to scrape all the tasty browned chicken flavor from the pan as you stir the lemon juice in. Add some butter.

Throw in most of the lemon zest but save a little to decorate the top. Stir in the veggies. Make sure everything is nice and hot.

Strain the pasta and mix everything up in a nice big bowl. Garnish with lemon zest.

Serve with a nice green romaine salad.